Snacking is the biggest problem with people aiming to lose weight. Not just that, people who desire to eat healthy all the time struggle to pick the right kind of snacking food. Most of us pick our snacks based on our sensibilities and knowledge. Read on to know if you always make the right choice when it comes to snack food.

Most of us ruin our diet and health because of our wrong (if not unhealthy) food choices. While it is fairly easy to manage a healthy meal three times a day, it is the in between snacking that ruins it for most of us. Knowing the right and wrong of the snacking world will certainly bring a healthy change in your eating habits. Here are few food products, which you might consider fairly healthy to eat but surprisingly they aren’t.

  • Veggie puffs seem pretty healthy, right? Wrong! The vegetable and puff part overshadows the hidden culprit, which is the flour used to prepare these. Most of the veggie puffs or chips are prepared using rice flour, corn meal, potato starch or potato flour thereby increasing the calories of this supposedly healthy snack. We suggest you go for fresh slices of veggies and pair them with guacamole or hummus to enjoy a crunchy snack.
  • Vegan cookies may be prepared with the vegan ingredients but it still is a sweet snack prepared with a sweetening agent and flour! In short, you are practically enjoying a generous helping of simple carbs in the garb of healthy eating. A controlled consumption of nutrient rich cookie prepared with healthy butter (almond or peanut butter), oats, chia or flax seeds etc. is any day a better alternative.
  • Gluten free crackers may be prepared with rice flour and fat as the major ingredient or let’s call it a carb and fat bomb! An oil free serving of popcorns in controlled quantity would be a better choice.
  • Fruit snacks are far worse than having fruit as a snack… get the difference? So, instead of eating preservative and sugar laden fruit snack, try to grab a generous serving of fresh fruits that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Trail mix may contain sweetened dried fruits and sugars as add ons, which are certainly not the ingredients of a healthy meal. You may enjoy a healthier version of trail mix that includes plain dried nuts of your choice, healthy seeds, and may be some unsweetened dried fruits. Enjoy it in controlled portion to fix your nut cravings.
  • Pita chips are a healthy alternative if not prepared with white flour. Choosing kettle chips that are prepared using whole potatoes and avocado oil would be a better alternative.