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12 ways to put kitchen trash to good use

Here are some really useful ways in which you use kitchen residue to something productive, particularly for your garden.

By Cookist

Read on to know about 12 ways in which you can make pretty good use of kitchen waste!

Each day we throw out heaps of house waste, of which, the majority comprises of kitchen based trash. Here are some really useful ways in which you use kitchen residue to something productive, particularly for your garden.

Coffee grounds


Coffee grounds can be used to enrich garden soil and compost pile.


95% of eggshell comprise of minerals and a large part of it constitutes of calcium carbonate, which is highly beneficial for plant growth. Apart from that, eggshell also contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and iron.

Milk jug


Convert the old plastic milk jug into a watering can by pricking some holes in its lid with a hot needle. Fill it with water to sprinkle on the plants.

Citrus peel

Poke a hole at the bottom of one half of the citrus peel, fill it with soil, sow seeds of any plant you wish to grow in it, sprinkle it with water, and let it grow. Transfer the sapling once it is ready to plant in a larger pot or garden soil.

Coffee filters


Place coffee filters at the base of any pot before adding soil to it. This way the drainage hole will never clog up in the pot.

Cooking water

Cooldown the water in which you have boiled or steamed the veggies or eggs and then pour this water in plants to fertilize them.

Fruit peels


Add peels of banana and orange to the compost bin to restrict dependence on insecticides or chemical fertilizers.


Except for black walnut shells, you can add all other kinds of nut shells to compost as it helps to vary its thickness and improve aeration of the soil.

Paper rolls


Place the innermost brown cardboard roll around a newly planted sapling to protect it from slugs and pests.

Pepper residue

Pepper leftovers such as seeds and crowns can be blended with water, strained, and then sprayed on plants to prevent pests.

The discarded portion of fruits and vegetables


You can either use the discarded parts of fruits and veggies in compost pit or blend them and then pour it around the peppers and tomatoes to improve the plant’s harvest.

Grow more plants

You can use different parts of fruits and vegetables to grow some more of them. Use root ends or thicker ends of green onions, leeks, onions, fennel, lemongrass, cabbage, celery, bok choy, or romaine lettuce, a section of ginger, potatoes, or sweet potatoes, an unpeeled clove of garlic, stalk of mushrooms, green leafy part of pineapple, etc. to regrow some more of these plants.

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