Consuming dark chocolate not only makes you happy but can also benefit your body as a whole. Here are 14 ways in which dark chocolate benefits the skin, hair, and overall health.

Dark chocolate may taste bitter but the health benefits offered by it are way sweeter than even sugar. Here is an extensive list of the overall health benefits offered by this delicious treat!

High antioxidant content. Due to the presence of numerous potent antioxidants, dark chocolate protects the skin from free radical damage and keeps it soft and supple.


Protects against UV damage. This chocolate also shields the skin against UV rays and prevents the occurrence of skin cancer and sunburns.

Nourishes skin. If consumed regularly, dark chocolate can help to keep your skin well hydrated and improve the complexion. Dark chocolate also helps to slough off dead skin and expose the new and fresh one. To save your skin from getting affected by stress and maintain its natural glow, eat dark chocolate as it is one of the best stress relievers.

Reduces hair loss. Dark chocolate promotes blood circulation to the scalp, encourages the growth of lustrous and healthy looking locks, and reduce the loss of hair.

Treat scalp infection. It offers anti-inflammatory property and minimizes the risk of getting scalp infection.

Protects the heart. Presence of flavonoids in dark chocolate protects the heart from free radical damage.

Maintains blood glucose level. Surprisingly, dark chocolate has a low glycemic index and the antioxidants present in it helps to better manage the insulin level.

Controls cholesterol. Dark chocolate reduces the LDL cholesterol level in the blood and thus protects the heart.

Maintains blood pressure. Presence of vital minerals such as magnesium and potassium helps to normalize the blood pressure levels.

Uplifts mood. This chocolate offers psychological benefit as it encourages production of endorphins, which alleviates the mood and helps to relax and relieve stress.

Prevents stroke. High levels of epicatechin present in this chocolate help to protect against the stroke.

Cures anemia. As opposed to the contrary belief, the presence of iron and flavonoids in dark chocolate is beneficial against anemia.

Improves vision. Flavonoids in dark chocolate also help to improve eyesight.


Provides nutrition. Chocolate milk is one of the few food items that are loaded with proteins, carbs, and are beneficial in maintaining the nutritional integrity of our body while performing endurance and strength based tasks.