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14 health benefits of consuming cumin

Read on to know about 14 health benefits offered by cumin.

By Cookist

Read on to know about 14 ways in which cumin can benefit our health.

Cumin seeds are a very popular condiment and spice in practically all the regions of the world. It has a strong but distinct aroma that can boost our health in many ways. Read on to know about 14 health benefits offered by cumin.



Cumin works as a carminative, which helps to relieve gas and it thus improves our appetite and digestion. It also contains magnesium and sodium that helps to promote digestion and relieve stomach ache when taken with hot water. Cumin extract has also been studied to treat bloating and symptoms of IBS. It contains cuminaldehyde and thymol which helps to activate the salivary glands to aid in food digestion. It is beneficial in relieving all the symptoms of piles or hemorrhoids as it works as a natural laxative if consumed in powdered form. It has been found to effectively give relief from severe diarrhea.


It is a rich source of iron and thus helps to increase the hemoglobin level in blood.

Boosts immunity


It is a rich source of iron, vitamin A and C, which are powerful antioxidants and helps to neutralize the effect of free radicals.

Against asthma

The cumin essential oil contains caffeine, which works as an anti-congestive remedy for people suffering from respiratory ailments such as bronchitis and asthma. It also acts as an expectorant and helps our body to eliminate phlegm and mucus. It is also beneficial in fighting common cold and cough by offering anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

For skin


Cumin offers antifungal and antimicrobial benefits and vitamin E that help to delay the signs of aging and sagging of the skin. It can also prevent rash, boil, and pimples if consumed regularly as the compounds thymol, cuminaldehyde, and phosphorus present in it acts as a detoxifying agent.

Promotes sleep

Some components of the cumin essential oils offer hypnotic and tranquilizing benefits that help to relieve stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

Prevents diabetes


It reduces the chances of hypoglycemia, decreases glucosuria, and thus prevents diabetes.

Antibacterial benefits

The antiviral and antibacterial benefits offered by cumin are because of the presence of the compounds thymol and carvacrol, which helps to fight infection and foodborne illnesses.

Lowers cholesterol


Cumin offers hypolipidemic benefits and reduces the cholesterol levels in blood if it is eaten in powdered form with yogurt.

For bones

It contains calcium that can help to increase bone density and relieve osteoporosis.

Against cancer


It offers antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic benefits to prevent colon and breast cancer.


Cumin is beneficial for pregnant and lactating mothers as it increases the milk secretion because of the presence of thymol in it.

For cognitive health


The high iron content of cumin is beneficial to improve blood circulation to the brain and thus promote cognitive health. It also stimulates the function of the nervous system that can lead to sharp memory.

Weight loss

It has been studied to assist in weight loss and against the build-up of fat in the body.

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