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14 foods that can also be used to clean home

Here are 14 quick fixes to clean the house without having to look out for the cleaning supplies.

By Cookist

Read on to know how certain foods can help to clean and fix our house.

Cleaning a house is definitely the longest and reoccurring task that most of us have to do. While many of us tend to delay it for the longest time, we possibly can, but it is one task that eventually needs to be done. However, a few of us take the smarter route in finding the cleaning solutions within our pantry to save bucks and quickly finish the job. Here are 14 quick fixes to clean the house without having to look out for the cleaning supplies.

Coffee grounds


The grainy texture of the coffee ground is useful in removing gunk from the pots and pans. Scrub the dirty areas with coffee grounds to clean them well and make them smooth and shiny again.

Shoe odor

Put the dry coffee grounds in an old sock or pantyhose and then tie it tightly in a knot at the end. Let this coffee ground mini sack sit in the smelly shoes overnight for it to neutralize the shoe odor.

Dusty painting


Use the spongy bread to safely clean a painting without rubbing it too hard to clean it without using any chemicals. Later just sweep away any leftover crumbs on it with a clean and dry cloth.

Grim in the microwave ovens


You need not to scrub the microwave anymore as all you have to do is to add some chopped lemons pieces in a cup of water and then microwave it on high until the water is steamy. Let this cup sit in the microwave for another 15 minutes and then wipe off the microwave with a clean cloth to clean it.

Cutting board stains

Sprinkle a little salt on the cutting board and then use a half cut lemon to scrub it all over. Rinse it with water, in the end, to get rid of the stains.

Smelly garbage disposal


Place some lemon wedges on the sink vent and let the water run over these lemon wedges for a minute. Now run the garbage disposal and let these wedges rinse with cold water to get rid of the smelly garbage disposal.

Clean narrow vases

Toss some uncooked rice into the bottom of the narrow-mouthed vessel followed by some liquid detergent and warm water in it. Cover the mouth of the vase with your hand and then shake it all well for the rice grains to scrub this tricky spot of the vase and clean the vases from inside.

Dirty windows


Use a mixture of 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with a gallon of water to spray on the dirty window panes. Wipe them off with a clean cloth to get clean windows.

Dirty brass

A mixture of lemon juice or white vinegar with salt is an excellent way to clean brass on the non-lacquered items. Just use a dry cloth to first rub this mixture over the dingy brass item and then wipe it off with a clean cloth or cotton before rinsing with water.

Old jewelry


A mixture of one cup of hot water with 2 teaspoons of baking soda is useful to soak old jewelry in it for some time and then clean them nicely with a clean cloth.

Tarnished copper

Rub some acidic ketchup on the tarnished surface of copper pots and pans to make them shiny back again.

Damaged wood


Rub a de-shelled walnut on the surface of the damaged wooden furniture to darken the wood back again and hide imperfections.

Deodorize clothes

Spray some vodka on your clothes to help it kill odor-causing bacteria and get rid of the foul smell.

Dirty stainless steel


Rub some olive oil on the dirty areas of the stainless steel to make them shiny back again and prevent the appearance of water drop marks in the future.

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