Apart from being one of the favorite beverages and spreading happiness through various generations, coca cola can also be used as a fantastic cleaning agent. Here are 7 ways to make use of this surprising household cleaner.

Coca cola is a very popular aerated beverage that comforts a large number of people on this planet. Apart from quenching the thirst and delighting us with its fizz, coca cola can be used as a great household cleaner. Read on to know how it can turn the unclean corners of your house to sparkling places.

Cleans toilet. It can effectively remove even the hardest of the stains inside the toilet pots. Just pour or spray it directly over the dirty pot and then let it stay on it for several hours, scrub with a brush, and flush it all to get a cleaner looking pot.

Clean clothes. You can use coke to get rid of the grease stains from your clothes as it contains phosphoric acid. For stubborn grease stains, you just need to soak the dirty laundry in coke for 30 minutes and then wash it normally with detergent.

Remove rust. Coca cola can be used to get rid of the rust from tools, bolts, and nuts. Just spray it over the rusted part of the hardware and leave it on for some time. Use a scrub to remove the rust stains and then wash it with water to get a rust free finish on your tools.

Clean baking equipment. Coca cola is really effective against the grease stains and can turn the greasy baking and cooking equipment in to clean and shiny tools. Just pour some hot coke over the greasy pans and let it sit for an hour. Scrub it all off and then rinse with warm water.

Clean battery terminals. Use coca cola to remove an excessive buildup of corrosive material at the terminals of the car battery. Simply pour the coke directly over the battery terminals, let it stay on for some time, and then use a brush to scrub away all the corrosive debris. Do not forget to rinse the residual coke away with some warm water.

Clean old coins. You can remove tarnish from old coins that you have been collecting for long by soaking them overnight in some coke and then rinse everything with warm water. Do not forget to wipe the coins well with a cloth to avoid further corrosion.

Clean garage floor. Pour coca cola over the oil stains present in your driveway and garage. Let it stay on for several hours and then wipe or rinse it to get rid of these greasy spots.