Coca cola is one of the most loved beverages of all times. But since recent, there has been a revolution of sorts that forbids us to consume it. Read on to know about the surprising uses of coca cola other than quenching your thirst!

Coca cola or coke is the beverage that practically revolutionized the way we enjoyed our beverages. If consumed in moderation, coca cola can be safely enjoyed to refreshen you up and satisfy the cravings for chilled soda. Here are 8 other alternate uses of this beverage that may surprise you.

Cleaning. Coca cola can be used to clean any kind of glass, window, tile, grout, pot, and pan. It can also remove blood and grease stains from clothes or carpets. The citric acid present in the coke can also defrost any frozen windshield. It can also be used as a deodorizer to even get rid of the skunk smell. However, do not worry as the acids present in coke are smaller in quantity than the gastric acids present in our stomach.

Remove corrosion. It can be used to clean up corrosion on car engines, batteries, and rusted bolts. Coke can also make any old rusted item such as coins, shine back again. Coca cola can also be used as a paint stripper. To give a vintage look to any paper, dip it in coke for some time.

Cooking. Coca cola can be used to bake a chocolate cake as it adds moisture and flavor to it. Replace eggs and oil from the traditional cake recipe with coke to get a low calorie and yummy version of chocolate cake or brownie. Coke when mixed with ketchup or Italian seasoning makes a delicious BBQ sauce or use it as such to baste and braise any kind of meats.

In the garden. Coke encourages the growth of microorganisms in compost and kills snails and snugs in the garden. Pouring coke on grass can make the lawn healthy and perk up gardenias and Azaleas.

As medicine. A teaspoon of a flat coke can relieve diarrhea and nausea. Gargle with chilled coke to relieve hiccups and hot coke relieves congestion.

Pesticide. Leave an open can of coke in the garden to drive away, catch, and drown bugs around the place you are sitting.

As mixer. Coke is also used with many alcoholic drinks like JD, rum, and vodka to make popular cocktails such as Cuba Libre and long island iced tea.

For beauty. Flat coke when poured on to wet hair makes them curly and fades the hair color. It can also remove gum from hair, shoes, and clothes. A tablespoon of flat coke, when mixed in some moisturizer, can help to make the skin smoother and glow brightly.