14 ways to use carbonated drink for beautifying your home

Here are various uses of Coca-Cola to manage household chores.

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Read on to know how you can use Coca-Cola to beautify your home!

Coca-Cola is a popular caffeinated beverage which needs no introduction. Apart from refreshing us, Coca-Cola can also be used around the house as a very effective cleaning agent. Here are various uses of Coca-Cola to manage household chores.

Clean the toilet


Coca-Cola can be used to clean the toilet bowl. You simply have to pour an ample amount of this beverage into the pot and let it sit for an hour. Finally, clean it all with a brush and soap to get a sparkling clean toilet.

Remove stain from clothes

Remove any difficult stain such as of oil and blood, from your clothes by pouring Coca-Cola along with the laundry detergent into the washing machine and let the clothes soak for 30 minutes. Phosphoric present in this beverage helps to get rid of the stubborn stain on the clothes.

Clean charred and greasy utensils


Pour Coke into the pots and pans with burnt food particles for several hours. Use a scrubber to scrape off these stubborn food particles and then clean it all with the dishwashing detergent as usual.

Remove rust

Clean the rusted hardware by submerging them in Coke for 24 hours or longer. Lightly scrub them with a non-metal scrubber and then rinse it all with clean water to make the rust-free again.

Defrost windshield


Pour a can of Coke directly over the windshield to immediately get rid of the icy cover without having to heat-up your car for long.

Clean windows

The citric acid present in Coca-Cola can be used to get shiny and clean mirrors.

Clean grout


Rub Coca-Cola over dirty grout with a cloth or a toothbrush. Let this beverage work on the dark stains over grout for a few minutes. Later, clean it up with a soap solution and water.

Clean oil spills

Pour a can of Coca-Cola over any accidental oil spill in your garage and driveway and let it stay there overnight. Next day, rinse it off with clean water and see the difference.

Clean carpet


You can clean the marker stains from the carpet by pouring some Coca-Cola on it and then rubbing that area with a toothbrush or a clean cloth.

As a pesticide

Get rid of garden slugs by keeping a couple of bowls filled with Coca-Cola in the garden area. This way, the slugs will get attracted to Coke and drown into it.

Clean spectacles


Add some Coca-Cola to a clean cloth and then use it to wipe smudgy and dirty glasses. Clean it with some water and then wipe your glasses with a dry cloth.

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