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16 benefits of consuming watercress

Read on to know about some of the amazing ways in which consuming watercress can benefit our health.

By Cookist

Read on to know how watercress can benefit our health.

Watercress is the dark colored leafy vegetable that is mineral dense and offers various health benefits. Read on to know about some of the amazing ways in which consuming watercress can benefit our health.

Prevents cancer


Watercress contains active phytonutrients that are highly beneficial in preventing breast, lung, and stomach cancer.

Boosts immunity

This is very high in vitamin C, and helps to protect our body against free radicals and inflammation, thereby boosting our immunity.

Lowers blood pressure


It contains zeaxanthin and lutein in high amounts, which is helpful for people with cardiovascular problems as it prevents atherosclerosis.

Improves thyroid function

Watercress reduces the production of thyroid hormone if eaten raw. Uncontrolled production of thyroid hormone may lead to goiter, hypothyroidism, constipation, depression, and weight gain.

Prevents anemia


It is a rich source of iron, which is beneficial in preventing iron deficiency disease anemia.

Prevents hangover

Watercress juice is beneficial in curing hangover as it helps to stimulate detoxification of the liver and prevents the harmful effects of excessive drinking.

Promotes weight loss


It is very low in calories and provides mere 18 calories per serving. Apart from that, it is very high in dietary fiber content and amino acids that prevents recurrent hunger pangs.


It cleanses the body by increasing diuresis, which helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

For healthy bones


It is rich in vitamin K and improves the bone health.

Prevents diabetes

It contains the antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid that lowers the glucose level, increases insulin sensitivity, and prevents oxidative stress in our body.

Benefits vision


High vitamin C content of watercress is beneficial to minimize the risk of cataract and improves eyesight.

Benefits gallbladder

High water content of this vegetable helps to eliminate toxins from the body and benefits the gall bladder.

For hair


It is rich in iron, zinc, and other vital elements that help to maintain hair health.

Against cough and cold

It has a compound sulfur glycosides, which helps to treat long term effects of bronchitis and cough. High vitamin C content of this vegetable may help to lower the effect of cold and also minimizes the risk of catching it.

For teeth


As it is rich in calcium and regular consumption of watercress will benefit teeth as well.

For brain health

High vitamin C content of watercress may prevent cognitive changes related to aging, Alzheimer’s, and prevents damage to brain tissues.

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