Read on to know how you can create useful items with usual kitchen trash!

Every day we throw away plenty of garbage, out of which, a lot can be turned into useful items for our household. This way, we can recycle the waste, save precious money and our environment, and create useful items for the house we live in. Here are different ways to cleverly use old junk.

Turn empty jars into useful magnetic spice containers by covering the outer label with a nice cover and putting labels/stickers at the bottom.

Organize lid of pans and pots using a magazine rack.

Magazine racks can also be used to store plastic wraps, foil rolls, paper rolls, etc.

Use curtain rods or adhesive plastic hooks to hang the lid of pots and pans.

Store spices in empty small tic-tac boxes.

Remove the handle from any old rake and then use it to place wine glasses.

Make a cute apron from any old button-down shirt.

Use flower pots to hold ladles, cutlery, stirrers, etc.

Turn any old toolbox into a caddy for dishes or silverware.

Store pans, dishes, and cutting boards in a file organizing tray.

Use Lego blocks to build colorful containers.

Dental floss can be a very handy tool to evenly cut soft cheese.

Use empty tissue boxes to store plastic bags that will save a lot of kitchen space.

Use clips from old or broken hangers to seal chip bags and other food packages.

Wrap old or used foil boxes with a beautiful wrapping paper and then use it as a gifting box for cookies or small cupcakes.

Shoe organizer can be used to store handy snacks, various spices, kitchen knick-knacks, and what not!