Read on to know about different recipes that are perfect for summer picnic outings!

Picnics are a lot more fun when planned well. Food is undoubtedly an integral part of the picnic experience and it sure is fun to eat something light and healthy in a comforting natural environment. Here are some food options that are perfect for the picnic during summers.

Ham and cheese based grilled sandwich

Chicken based pasta salad prepared using some fresh herbs and veggies

Bacon or pancetta lined Italian subs

A berry based fruit salad with grapes and a mix of other tropical fruits

Cheese filled jalapeno poppers

Creamed corn

Hummus topped with fresh veggies and served along with tortilla or chips

A Greek yogurt based or marshmallow based fruit dip served with fresh berries

Fresh avocado and tomato based salad

A loaded grilled chicken salad with fresh veggies

Corned beef based multi-grain bread sandwich

Chicken and bacon pasta salad with ranch dressing

Collard based chicken and veggies wraps

Cobb egg salad

A light and healthy lemon grilled chicken and veggies wrap

Watermelon and feta salad