19 extraordinary beneficial properties of Rosemary for your organism

The beneficial properties of Rosemary are mainly due to the active ingredients contained in its essential oil, from which derives also the intense fragrance that distinguishes it.

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The beneficial properties of Rosemary are mainly due to the active ingredients contained in its essential oil, from which derives also the intense fragrance that distinguishes it.
In addition, it is rich in other important chemical constituents, including terpenic derivatives and flavonoids, which together contribute to making Rosemary a plant of extraordinary therapeutic efficacy.

Properties and indications: a treasure chest of benefits

Rosemary has always been one of the most loved plants since ancient times. Rich in therapeutic virtues, it is still very useful for many diseases.


For the body in general

● Rosemary is an excellent general tonic; it provides a stimulating and fortifying action on the body. It acts effectively in states of asthenia, i.e. in conditions of physical and mental fatigue. It is therefore indicated in periods of overwork or after a long illness. These properties make it a very suitable remedy for children and young people.
● It acts as an antispasmodic and painkiller.
● It is antiseptic, antiparasitic and antibacterial and it performs an effective preventive action even in case of infectious diseases.
● It is a valid anti-inflammatory.
● Rosemary is also known to have remarkable antioxidant and anti-mutagenic properties, due in particular to the presence of rosmarinic acid.


Gastrointestinal system

● The effects of the active ingredients of Rosemary are particularly evident at the gastric and intestinal levels: the plant has marked digestive, aromatic and carminative properties that favor the expulsion of intestinal gases. It is therefore an effective remedy for all disorders related to digestive disorders, even in case of flatulence. It is also indicated in esophageal reflux, when a passage of acid gastric juice, or even of bile, occurs in the esophagus.
● It is an excellent tonic even for older people, stimulating appetite; its use promotes a good response even in the case of gastric atony.
● It acts as an intestinal eutrophic, improving the general health of the apparatus; it stimulates peristalsis and at the same time it calms smooth muscle spasms. This antispasmodic action is attributed in particular to the activity of borneol, an active substance contained in the essential oil.
● For its vermifuge action, it is also used in the treatment of ascarids, a type of parasite of the intestine.


Locomotor system

● Rosemary allows to obtain good results in the treatment of rheumatic and muscular diseases, even in case of distortions, in the states of muscular hypotonia in general and in the forms of gout.


Nervous system

● It is a valid nerve toning: it is indicated in case of nervous tension and in the depressive forms, also associated with debilitation states.
● It is also used in the treatment of headaches, migraines, or for neuralgia. It is also recommended to soothe the pains caused by sciatica, as is commonly called sciatic nerve inflammation.


Urinary system

● Its stimulating action also acts on the urinary tract: it favors diuresis and is therefore indicated in cases of renal insufficiency.


Liver / pancreas

● Rosemary has a beneficial action on the liver gland: it is choleretic, cholagogue and cholecystokinetic, in fact it stimulates the function of the liver and the excretion of bile. Thanks to these properties it is used effectively in diseases of the liver and of the gallbladder in general.
● Its antispasmodic and, at the same time, stimulating action on the gallbladder, makes it indicated in biliary dyspepsias, in the presence or absence of kidney stones.
● It is also indicated in the case of dyskinesia, that is an altered motility of the biliary tract and in vesicular insufficiency.


Other properties and indications

● Thanks to its purifying, normalizing action of sebum secretion, it is an excellent remedy for oily hair.
● It is also used in treatments against premature baldness, for stimulating activity on hair follicles.
● Rosemary is able to provide an effective deodorizing and antiseptic action which makes it widely used also for oral hygiene.

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