Read on to know about 20 ways to eat healthily.

Many of us may find healthy eating a bit cumbersome as it may require some thoughtfulness to pick-up healthy food products. Here are 20 ways in which you can eat healthily.


 Aquafaba or the leftover liquid of canned and drained chickpeas can be a great substitute for whipped egg whites. Add a little cream of tartar to thicken and stabilize it.


Tofu can be a great replacement for boiled and scrambled eggs, chicken, and fish.


Vegans and vegetarians can find jack fruit as the perfect replacement for shredded meat.

Cashew cream

Blend overnight soaked cashews with a little water to be used as a replacement for soft cheese.

Chia seed

These are a good substitute for eggs in the recipes where the egg is used for binding. Use chia seeds to thicken the jams and jelly-based recipes.

Spaghetti squash

You can substitute high carb pasta with spaghetti-noodles.

Collard greens

These can be swapped for Mexican tortilla as a replacement for the floury-base.

Cauliflower rice


People on a low carb diet can finely grate cauliflower to resemble rice grains and then cook them to prepare a rice-based dish or pizza crust.

Sliced zucchini

It can replace lasagna sheets for a low carb version.

Unsweetened apple sauce


It can be used as a nutritious and low-cal replacement for sugar.


Use mango as a replacement for brown sugar in marinades and glazes.


Blended frozen ripe bananas can be used as a nutritious replacement for ice creams and custards.


Add mushrooms to the ground beef patty while preparing burgers to have a healthier and flavorful burger patty.

Greek yogurt


It is the perfect replacement for sour cream.


Replace mayonnaise in recipes by using avocado.

Lemon juice

Adding tang and lemon juice to recipes helps to reduce the quantity of salt added to them.


Popcorn is a healthier replacement for pretzels.


Munch on nuts or healthy trail mixes (containing nuts) as a healthier snack option.

Bean snacks

Enjoy bean snacks instead of crackers.

Green banana flour

This is a healthier starch that can be used as a replacement for regular flour. You can also use pulse flour or legume-based pasta and flour as a replacement for regular pasta and white flour.