Read on to know, how some very simple food swaps can help you reach your desired weight goal. Just swap some unhealthy and high calorie food products with nutritionally significant replacements and see the difference.

Here are a few tricks and tips to help you make better and healthier food choices in your day to day practice that may benefit your health and help you lose excess body weight. If practiced regularly, these food swaps can nourish your body with some good nutrients and help you pick better eating habits for the future life as well.

  • Chose a soup that has plenty of vegetables and a non-cream base. So swapping your cream of chicken or cream of mushroom soup with chicken vegetable soup will be a far better choice as the latter has much less calories and fat content as compared to the cream based options.
  • Pick healthier fillings for your sandwiches and subs. So, replace the meatballs and creamy dressing in your sub with turkey or chicken breasts and top it up with any low fat dressing of your choice.
  • Replace the creamy or ranch salad dressing in your preparations with any vinaigrette or lemon based option. By choosing the low fat salad dressing, you may still get flavorful preparations but with much less calories content.
  • If you crave meat, try fish instead of beef at least in one meal each day, if not for all meals every day. Fish such as salmon, rainbow trout, and tuna are the healthiest picks that can be enjoyed every day.
  • Munch on to healthier popcorns as snack instead of regular chips and salted mixtures.
  • Quench your thirst with a glassful of chilled water instead of aerated beverages or juices. Most of the commercially available juices are concentrated fruit pulp containing plenty of sugars and preservatives.
  • Reach out to a refreshing glass of iced water seasoned with freshly squeezed lime and mint leaves to enjoy a sensational low calorie beverage.
  • Swap your mug of creamy coffee with its black, regular or less milk version.
  • Light beer has fewer calories than regular beer and is a better choice to lose weight.
  • Pick fresh juicy fruits instead of any other sweet or dessert to satisfy your sugar craving.
  • Majority of the calories in egg are present in its yolk. So, removing the yolks while consuming eggs will save you from indulging in to an otherwise high caloric food product.
  • Replace the muffins and bagels in your breakfast meal with good old whole wheat bread and swap the calorie rich butter with fat free cottage cheese.
  • Try to swap, wherever possible, your main stream food preparations with their low carb versions that use low calorie ingredient such as cauliflowers.
  • Replace regular mayonnaise with low fat mayo or avocado to spread a creamy low calorie food option over your favorite sandwich.