Losing weight is one of the most daunting tasks with which a majority of the population is struggling these days. While it is easy to abide by healthy eating in the initial days, but as the time pass it becomes monotonous to eat the same boring and bland food with restricted food choices. Here is an insight in to the various commonly available low calorie foods that you may swap your regular diet for.

It is the earnest desire of many to lose weight without having to eat boring and bland meals. So, a nutrition blogger has been helping her followers by sharing online some of the most convenient to source and easy to prepare food preparations that will make losing weight a joyful task for everyone. She has been advising all to swap healthy foods with the regular ones, such as,

1. Swap easy to overeat banana chips with the voluminous ripe banana fruit, high calorie bagel with low cal rice cakes, naked juice containing 53g sugar with kombucha that contains 12g sugar.

2. Instead of crash dieting and eating nothing, try to fuel your body with healthy and nutritious foods.

3. You may also pre prepare your meals a few days in advance to restrict venturing out in to junk food when hungry or starving.

4. Always grocery shop with a list of ingredients you are allowed to eat and then use them to make colorful meals. This way you will get to eat healthy every day and save a good amount of money.

5. Most importantly you must swap processed and calorie dense foods with natural and whole foods.

6. Swap high fructose containing commercial corn syrup with organic maple syrup, fat free dressing (no fat to absorb nutrients) with healthy fat containing Paleo dressing, processed granola with fresh fruits and nuts for breakfast, high calorie chips with low calorie popcorns.

7. Swap Starbucks Frappuccino containing 61g sugar with coffee and coconut milk containing mere 2g sugar, a burger with bun containing more than 18g processed carbs with burger without bun containing about 1g carbs, regular ranch dressing containing added sugar with Paleo ranch.

8. Swap fruit juices with fresh fruits and less nutritious iceberg lettuce with nutritionally dense fresh spinach.

9. Swap milk chocolate containing 41g sugar with dark chocolate containing 6g sugar, canola or vegetable oil with extra virgin olive oil, fibreless sour cream with guacamole containing plenty of vitamins and minerals.

10. Swap bleached white bread with Ezekiel bread, flour pasta (1cup=210 calories) with veggie noodles/pasta (4 cups=160 calories), and fake butter spread with grass fed ghee.

11. Swap fast food calories with fresh and nutritious meals that will fill you for longer.

12. Restrict the food portion as even low calorie food should be eaten in controlled portions.

13. Swap high fructose containing agave with maple, flavored yogurt containing 28g sugar with Greek yogurt and fresh fruits, store bought jam with mashed fresh berries.