Read on to know why you should not consume the cracked eggs.

It is quite common to find an egg or two that has been cracked from some places in an egg tray. The cracks on the egg shell may allow the bacteria and other pathogens to contaminate the egg, which may be harmful to our health. 5

Read on to know why it is important for you to avoid consumption of eggs with a cracked egg shell.


Presence of bacteria. The crack on the egg shell may allow the bacteria present in the environment to seep into the egg and contaminate the sterile egg white and yolk. Eggs being nutritionally very rich, may allow these harmful bacteria to breed and grow. Thus, making that egg unfit for consumption.

Egg borne pathogens. Salmonella is a harmful bacteria that may enter an egg through the cracked egg shell and may result in vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps, and headache upon consumption of this contaminated egg.

Discoloration. A pink, discolored, or iridescent egg white can be an obvious sign of bacterial contamination. You may also check the contamination of egg by performing the float test, and checking its expiry date of the eggs.