Read on to know about certain habits that can slow down your metabolism!

Losing weight not only revolves around eating low-calorie meals but it also requires boosting the metabolism. Having a good metabolism ensures that we end up burning calories even while carrying out the daily activities and without having to work-out in the gym for long hours. Here are 3 mistakes that can bring stagnancy in your metabolism.

Not eating enough

The biggest mistake while losing weight is to starve yourself. Reducing food intake to abnormal levels will slow down the metabolism. It is best to stop consuming processed and sugary foods that can lead to inflammation and prevents the burning of stored fat. Consuming increased quantity of lean proteins, chilled water, iced java coffee, green leafy veggies, etc., will help to burn calories and boost metabolism.

Not engaging in active work out

 It is best to push your limits harder while working out. Doing the same activity repeatedly won’t give you the desired results easily. Engage in high-intensity interval training or HIIT for even 30 minutes every week to push your limits. This way you will burn more calories and boost your metabolism.

Not resting enough

Depriving your body of rest will harm your body more as sleeping helps in the secretion of good hormones that enhance the metabolism. So, instead of being active practically throughout the day, take a break and do sleep well for 8 to 9 hours every day.