Many times, we eat food because it tastes great or is really healthy or in the best case scenario both! However, sometimes we also end up consuming food that we presume to be healthy but it actually has a reverse effect on our health. Here are 3 commonly eaten foods that can impair our metabolism.

While it has been our utmost desire to eat preparations that can boost our metabolism and assist in natural weight loss, we sometimes unintentionally end up doing otherwise. So, it is very important to know about the effect of food that we consume very commonly on our health and metabolism.

Here are the 3 foods that you must consume cautiously as they are known to slow down the metabolism and impair the ability of the body to utilize nutrients.

Processed grains. Processed grains and most of the food products made using them such as pasta, pizza, and bread can hurt the metabolism. These refined grains contain gluten, phytic acid, and starch in large amounts that can slowly damage our bodies as they have a high calorie count but are low in the beneficial fiber. So, try to consume as many complex carbs and stay clear of rice, pasta, and white bread as these food sources are easily digested by our body, which spikes the blood sugar level and results in storage of excess body fat.

Processed soy. Consumption of processed soy products in excess can definitely impact our health as it is toxic for the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland regulates the metabolic process of our body and should be thus taken care of. In fact, the thyroid imbalance may occur even if the traditionally grown soy is treated with pesticides. So, to sustain good health you must consume only organic and fermented source of soy.

Sugar. There might be very few known health benefits of consuming sugar. Consumption of sugar leads to inflammation and can slow down the metabolism by making it sluggish. So, every time you get a craving to eat something sweet, just reach out to the freshest and juiciest fruit you can find or you may even pick up some fresh vegetables. Fruits and vegetables have natural sugar and not the concentrated ones, which along with the fiber load are slowly released in to our system. Apart from that, eating fibrous fruits also improve metabolism by improving digestion.