Fast food is the most convenient way to grab a meal on the go! Here are some surprising ways in which this delicious but unhealthy meal affects us.

Grabbing a quick meal from the fast food joint may seem to be the most convenient thing to do but at the cost of your health! Read on to know why fast food holds such a bad reputation.

Effect on the digestive and circulatory system. Most of the fast food preparations are loaded with simple carbohydrates and a minimum amount of fiber. Upon digestion, these carbs increase blood sugar level that triggers the release of insulin from the pancreas, which transports the sugar to different parts of the body. However, a frequent spike in blood sugar levels, because of regular fast food consumption, may falter the body’s response to insulin and increase the risk for weight gain, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes.

Effect of sugar and fat. Fast food preparations have plenty of added sugar that offer little nutrition and a huge load of calories. Not only sugar, but many fast food preparations are also high in trans fats, which should ideally comprise 0g of your day’s diet as it increases the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes by increasing LDL cholesterol and decreasing HDL cholesterol levels in the body.

Effect of sodium. High sodium foods such as fast food preparations can lead to the puffy and swollen body because of water retention. It may also increase blood pressure and impact your heart health.

Effect on the respiratory system. Excess calorie intake may lead to obesity and it increases the risk for asthma and shortness of breath. This means the extra body weight will put a pressure on your lungs and heart.

Effect on the nervous system. People who regularly indulge in fast food are more prone to developing depression.

Effect on the reproductive system. Fast food preparations contain phthalates, which interfere with the hormonal activity of the body and may result in reproductive issues.

Effect on the skin. Regular consumption of greasy food will impact your appearance and may lead to acne breakout, eczema, and itchy skin.

Effect on bones. Fast food increase acidity in the mouth, which may break down the tooth enamel. In the absence of tooth enamel, the count of bacteria in the mouth increases and this results in the formation of a cavity. Obesity is also associated with low bone density and fragile bones.