Read on to know about 3 ways in which these heart-healthy nutrients may harm our health.

Amongst a galaxy of various heart-healthy nutrients, phytosterols definitely shine brighter than the rest. These nutrients have a great cholesterol-lowering benefit that can prevent heart problems and prolong human life. These plant sterols are found in the cell membrane of plants and are related to the cholesterol molecules.

You will be surprised to know that various vegetable oils, margarine, and many processed foods contain high amounts of phytosterols as well. However, these nutrients may not be as good as they are believed to be. Read on to know why.

For heart health

 This may seem shocking to you that while phytosterols can lower the amount of bad cholesterol in our body by about 10%, it may not actually improve heart health.

Risk of a heart attack

There are no studies which support that phytosterols can reduce the incidence of stroke, heart disease, and death. In fact, many human studies associate high phytosterol intake with a high risk of heart problems. But, AHA (American Heart Association) still recommends phytosterol intake for a healthy heart.

Effect on cancer

There are various observational studies, which supports the benefit of phytosterols in lowering the risk of cancer, particularly lung, stomach, ovarian, and breast cancer. However, the studies have been mere observational in nature and more research is required to thoroughly support this claim.