4 More Tips and Hacks to Unlock Your Kitchen Utensil’s Full Potential!

Discover new ways to use kitchen gadgets: Use a colander inside the pot to drain pasta easily, cook two pasta types simultaneously with a strainer, utilize the chopping board's hole to transfer ingredients directly into pots, and use the handle hole on pans to hold utensils. These hacks enhance efficiency and reduce mess in the kitchen.

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In every kitchen, there are gadgets and utensils that we use regularly, often in the way they were originally intended. However, many of these items possess untapped potential that can simplify cooking tasks, organize the cooking space, or enhance the preparation of various dishes. By looking at these common kitchen tools from a new angle, we can unlock innovative uses that make cooking not only easier but also more enjoyable.

The Colander: from a Simple Strainer to an Efficient Pasta Handler


The colander is typically used to drain pasta, vegetables, and other boiled foods by transferring them out of their cooking pots. But there's a hack that can streamline this process. Instead of moving the pasta into the colander, invert the process: place the colander inside the pot, securing it above the water level. When the pasta is ready, simply lift the colander, allowing the water to drain back into the pot, leaving the pasta ready to season. This method not only saves on cleanup but also keeps your pasta perfectly hot for dressing.

Dual Pasta Cooking with a Single Strainer


Strainers are often relegated to the task of removing excess water or particles from liquids. However, they can also be a game-changer for cooking multiple types of pasta simultaneously. By placing a strainer in a pot where pasta is already boiling, you can add a second type of pasta into the strainer. This allows both to cook in the same pot without mixing them together, perfect for preparing different pasta dishes at the same time or catering to various dietary preferences.

Chopping Board: From Cutting to Guiding


Most chopping boards come with a hole on one side, commonly used for hanging. Yet, this feature can be cleverly used to transfer cut ingredients directly into a pot or pan. After chopping, simply slide the food through the hole directly above your cookware. This technique minimizes mess and spillage, making the transfer of ingredients like chopped vegetables or herbs more precise and controlled, enhancing your kitchen efficiency.

The Hidden Functionality of Pot Handle Holes


The holes at the end of pot and pan handles are often overlooked, seen merely as a way to hang them for storage. However, they serve a more practical, immediate use during cooking. These holes are perfect for holding cooking utensils like ladles or stirring spoons. By placing your spoon or ladle through this hole, it remains readily accessible and off the countertop, reducing mess and keeping essential tools within arm's reach. This simple but effective trick helps maintain a clean and organized cooking space.

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