4 Snacks That Millie Bobby Brown Loved To Eat On The ‘Stranger Things’ Set

Rumor has it that Millie Bobby Brown eats only one particular snack while on set for Stranger Things, but that isn't the complete truth. The young actress has a list of snacks she prefers to consume in between filming, and no, it's not just Eggos waffles like her famous on-screen character, Eleven.

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Most people have not seen the latest season (Season Four) of Stranger Things, so this article would not include spoilers. However, it is paramount to point out how stunning and entertaining the star Millie Brown is in her character as Eleven.

With a show as well known as Stranger Things, Millie Bobby must have definitely had long days on set. In order to keep pace with her required body energy, she has a couple of food recipes to help her cope with the extended set duration. It is remarkable that her food routine never includes eating Eggos all day.

Her food routine was brought to light when she told "Bon Appetit" that Eggos are not one of her all-time favorites to eat. Millie Bobby's all-time favorite includes food snacks like Vanilla Ice cream, Starbucks' Tall Vanilla Latte, and McCord.

1. Vanilla Ice cream


It is memorable that the character Millie plays, which is "Eleven," was seen munching on a pint of strawberry ice cream off-screen, while in contrast, the star herself prefers vanilla ice cream. Millie Bobby says that while filming, there was a need to decide which flavor of Ice cream would look better on camera, the consensus was for Strawberry ice cream, which is different from light Vanilla, her favorite.

2. Starbucks' Tall Vanilla Latte

The 18-year-old actress stays energetic during her scheduled packed days on set with the consumption of coffee. On her media rounds, Millie clarified that she drinks coffee and latte, even though most people are of the opinion that the coffee she drinks hinders her growth.

Millie still drinks coffee regardless because it tastes good, and coffee has proven a reliable method to wake her in the mornings. Millie further stated that her regular coffee order is a tall Vanilla Latte from Starbucks. She loves specialty lattes like the beautiful latte art she shared on Instagram.

3. Salad


One of the food snacks Bobby raves non-stop about while on set for Stranger Things is salads. She mentioned the salads she has had, including Caesar salad and mixed salad. Of course, it's not hard to see why she is crazy about salads when there are always good ones readily available on set every time.

4. McCord

Most people are of the opinion that McCord is a newly introduced item on Macdonald's menu, but this is not a fact. In truth, McCord is actually a special salad snack pack made by someone on the set of Stranger Things. Bobby Brown said McCord is jam-packed with tomato, ham, avocado, and hot sriracha. She consumes the ham combination in the middle of the set, which shows just how big a fan of ham Millie is.

Millie enjoys eggos, no doubt, but she has stated that unlike Eleven, who stole Eggos from a supermarket, she would have stolen a really nice ham.

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