Read on to know about 4 tricks to differentiate between the types of hunger pangs!

When it comes to weight loss, starving should not be an option. However, it is very important to know the correct difference between genuine requirement for nourishment and merely eating for emotional comfort. Here are 4 ways in which you can figure out for yourself whether you desire to eat just to kill boredom or are genuinely hungry.


Give a good thought to figure out if you are feeling dull and bored or whether your tummy is rumbling in need of some nourishment. Try to engage yourself in some mindful activity or do a light shoulder exercise, if the hunger pangs are settled then you need not eat unnecessarily.

Understand the hunger

Check if you are starving, satiated, or stuffed from the last meal you have eaten. Try eating something healthy and low-calorie like an orange or a glass of milk. These foods can help to curb both physical and emotional hunger.

Eat sensibly

When hungry, most of us tend to grab sugary food as carbs provide instant emotional comfort. So, it is very important to keep some tasty yet healthy snacks around so that you can nourish your body with good nutrients whenever hunger strikes.

Build a relationship with food

Sit down and eat slowly while you enjoy the taste, smell, and sight of the food. Pause in between bites to enjoy your meal rather than just treating eating like a chore or an addiction.