Read on to know about 5 foods that are good for impulsive children!

Children are generally very active and naughty, which makes childhood a special time for each one of us. While it is fun for the children to be active and be always up to something, their parents are the ones who bear the brunt of it. However, there is nothing wrong in having an active child but if your child is too impulsive and hyperactive then it is important for the parents to pay attention to the kid’s diet. This is because hyperactive children burn far more nutrients than a normally active child that makes the overly-active child far more prone to nutritional deficiencies.

It has also been studied that feeding a balanced diet to children can also help to combat hyperactive behavior. Here is a list of foods that can enhance the brain functioning of a hyperactive child.



Vitamin C and antioxidant-rich fruits are beneficial to calm the senses and decrease the symptoms of ADHD. So, berries, guava, and oranges help to relax the brain cells and suppress the production of stress hormones.

Nuts and seeds

Feeding 5 to 6 healthy nuts and some seeds to your child every day can help to calm down the nervous system, ensure brain development, and provide overall nourishment.


Milk is rich in calcium and magnesium, which enhances the neurotransmission of the brain and improves its functioning.

Green leafy vegetables

Vegetables such as spinach, kale, mustard greens, and other green vegetables contain vitamin B6 that increases the alertness of the brain, neural activities, and enhances the overall functioning of the brain.

Eggs and meat

These foods are rich in proteins that help to stimulate neurotransmitter of the brain and improves the symptoms of hyperactivity, short-temper, and impulsiveness. It is best to include eggs and lean meats to calm and relax the nerves, improve alertness, and control the release of stress hormones.