Breakfast is the most important meal of the day: it reactivates the metabolism, helping us to burn fat, and covers our nutritional needs. Starting the day with the right amount of calories, vitamins and mineral salts will guarantee our body the full energy needed to face the day. Often, however, breakfast is undervalued: there are those who consume it quickly and those who even decide to skip it, a very wrong habit. Then let’s find out what are the mistakes we make every day at breakfast, and what to eat to start the day.

1. Skip breakfast

The worst thing you can do is to skip breakfast: after fasting at night, the body needs glucose to rebalance the sugar level lowered during rest. Not having breakfast will make us feel tired, irritated and exhausted and will make us arrive at lunch very hungry, and this bad habit slows down our metabolism. Then avoid drinking only coffee: this habit could favor the onset of gastric problems such as gastroesophageal reflux.

2. Make breakfast with little protein

Our breakfast is often rich in carbohydrates, in fact we usually prefer a sweet breakfast. However, we should always calculate a portion of proteins that take longer to digest, thus reducing the sense of hunger. It is not enough to consume many, but small amounts are enough: then just prefer milk, yogurt or a salty breakfast, making the right load of proteins with eggs and ham, this will also give you the right amount of fat, which increases the sense of satiety.

3. Make breakfast too late


Another of the mistakes we make every day is having breakfast too late: the ideal thing would be to do it no later than half an hour after waking up. The longer you wait to have breakfast, the more hungry we will get, eating too much, especially sweet and carbohydrate-rich products: ingesting them as soon as you wake up in the morning will give us the right amount of energy to burn during the day.

4. Have a fast breakfast

In the morning you have to devote the right time to breakfast, at least 15 minutes: this is in fact the ideal time to eat while sitting comfortably and chewing well and slowly. Many, on the other hand, struggle against the clock every day, and so they eat while they dress or even on the street. Adjust the alarm clock 20 minutes before and take your breakfast calmly so you won't be hungry for lunch.

5. Always have breakfast at the bar

Breakfast at the bar is something that you can give yourself every now and then, but that can't be a habit: croissant and cappuccino cannot be considered healthy breakfast as they are too rich in fat and sugar. We must also pay attention to fruit juices, rich in preservatives and sugars: it is better to prefer a fruit, a smoothie or freshly squeezed juice. Therefore, breakfast at the bar must not be allowed so much often.

The rules for a good breakfast

It is therefore important to learn how to make a good and healthy breakfast that must be balanced from a nutritional point of view. The ideal breakfast should provide about 25% of the daily calorie requirement, so it must always include whole grains, fresh fruit and nuts and liquids to replenish those lost during the night. So, to start your day, drink a glass of warm water as soon as you wake up, to purify and hydrate the body; eat whole grains and muesli, foods rich in fiber that increase the sense of satiety, helping to regularize the intestine; always eat fresh fruit for breakfast or orange juice, which reduces stress and fatigue; then always consume milk, yogurt and dried fruit such as walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts that provide the right amount of fat and protein. It is also very important to vary the breakfast by alternating the food and nutrients, so as not to make it become boring and enjoy it to the full every morning to face the day in the best way.