Here is a list of various herbs that are highly beneficial to relieve stress.

Stress is a part of our daily life and somehow we have come to terms with its parallel existence in our life. Luckily, there are ways to naturally neutralize the harmful effects of daily stress in our life by using adaptogens or beneficial herbs. These adaptogens are naturally found non-toxic plants such as herbs and its roots, which when used regularly can help to subside chronic stress.

The best part about adaptogens is that these are scientifically proven products and not just another trend. Read on to know about the adaptogens that you can easily include in your daily lifestyle.

Ashwagandha. Ashwagandha has a calming effect on our body and improves the heart health, muscular strength, functioning of the brain, and controls the growth of cancer cells. It is reported that fresh ashwagandha is most effective compared to its powdered form, capsules, or liquid extract.

Cordyceps. Cordyceps or medical mushrooms are grown on the higher mountainous range of China. They have been studied to positively influence the increased use of energy and oxygen during exercise to boost strength and reduce fatigue. Cordyceps are highly expensive and they may also fight inflammation, lower high cholesterol levels, and offer anti-aging property.

Ginseng. It is a very popular adaptogen that improves immunity, boosts energy, enhances cognition, lowers blood sugar level, and controls inflammation. It can be used in the dried form and added to tea or coffee. However, it is not recommended for children and pregnant and lactating women.

Holy basil. It is a powerful tonic for mind, body, and soul, and is beneficial to fight against bronchitis, stomach ulcer, enhances metabolism, improves sleeplessness, improves memory, and controls exhaustion. You may use its leaves directly or as a supplement in pill form.

Maca. It is beneficial to reduce anxiety, increase strength, improve muscle mass, control depression, boost energy levels, and improve physical performance. Its root can be used in a dried and powdered form or as a capsule or a liquid extract.