In all fairness, this would be probably the most important piece of information that you will read in the day.

It must have had happened to you at least once, if not more, in your life that you went out to have the best piece of steak in town and one of your companions asked for a well done version! While it is a matter of personal taste and preference, you must at least share with everyone what the experts have to say.

Here are the 5 reasons why one should not consider ordering a well done piece of steak.

1. It ruins the quality of cut

There are specific cuts of meat that are cooked by boiling, frying, mincing, braising, grilling, and sautéing. Which means steak is very carefully cut out so that it can be grilled or cooked over a stove to get the charred effect. The entire process of preparing a delicious piece of steak is designed to cook it as medium rare or below.

2. It is disrespectful to the cattle farmers and butchers

Every person involved in rearing good quality steak dedicates a lot of time and effort on it. This meat when cooked to the right stage results in a succulent and tender slab of meat, which actually brings forth its quality. So, just to show respect for the hard work and labor involved by various professionals in rearing the steak meat, we must not ask the chef to cook until well done and spoil their craftsmanship.

3. Toughens the meat

This is an extension to the previous point, which talks about ruining the steak meat by drying out all its juices and turning the tender piece of meat to a rubbery slab. Cooking steak until well done makes it tough and loose its melt-in-mouth tenderness. When steak is cooked until medium rare, the meat is still tender as the proteins have not started to break but the fats have contributed to the juicy flavors. This does not mean that you ask for an all pink and raw filet but a nicely done medium with a little pink at the center is just about right.

4. Chefs are less attentive to cook it

Most chefs do not bother much about cooking a well done piece of steak as it will taste the same as an overcooked piece of meat. So, either they cook it over a grill or the stove, you will not get to enjoy the chef’s best creation.

5. You end up wasting money

Yes, it makes no sense to pay big bucks for a cooked version of good quality of meat that is quite similar in taste to the one cheaply available in your neighborhood grocery store. The lesser the steak is cooked the better you will know about the quality and exclusivity of its meat.