Vitaminwater is the beverage owned by the brand coca cola and there are many attractive varieties of this supposed health drink. Read on to know about 5 reasons to immediately give up this drink.

Vitaminwater can be considered as the biggest marketing gimmick of the corporate world. It may contain some vitamins and minerals but the presence of excess sugar in it can certainly jeopardize its status of being a health drink. Read on to know about the 5 reasons why Vitaminwater can actually harm you more instead of benefiting your health.

It is high in sugar. Each 20oz. bottle of Vitaminwater contains nearly 120 calories and 32g of sugar. In the US, this beverage is sweetened with crystalline fructose and sucrose, which is indeed bad news for your health. In fact, the Vitaminwater available in the US may harbor nearly the same amount of fructose as that present in a bottle of regular coke. Also, there are many studies that reveal the harmful effects of fructose on our health.

It is fattening. With the high amount of calories present in this beverage, there are strong chances of Vitaminwater leading to weight gain. So, Vitaminwater can be considered as a beverage which is just like any other sugary drink.

Increases risk of other diseases. There are studies which support the role of added sugar in leading to epidemics of obesity and chronic diseases. With each bottle of Vitaminwater supplying closer to 50-100% of the daily recommended upper limit of added sugar intake, it can certainly be associated with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, tooth decay, and even cancer. Excess fructose consumption can also increase the risk of fatty liver, high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and buildup of fat around the organs.

Insufficient in necessary nutrients. Most of the B vitamins and vitamin C levels are not lacking in an average person’s diet and consuming an excess amount of these vitamins may actually not provide any health benefit. This means most of the micronutrients present in Vitaminwater are actually unnecessary for our health as we are anyways consuming enough of these nutrients through our diet.

May harm health. It has been studied that excessive intake of micronutrients may actually harm our health, particularly of vitamin A and D. So, consuming Vitaminwater may instead harm the body.