5 Reasons You Should Start Consuming Raw Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil is best enjoyed in its purest form — "extra virgin." There is a contrasting difference in the taste profile of extra virgin oil that experts even recommend consuming it raw. A dash of olive oil on a piece of toast alongside freshly cut tomatoes will leave a Mediterranean feel. Even better, consuming raw olive oil can benefit your health!

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Unadulterated olive oil aka extra virgin olive oil is carefully made, with no alteration in temperatures which ensures that its nutrients are preserved. This is in sharp contrast to most other oils which are manufactured at higher temperatures with the sole aim of producing a greater quantity but, obviously, of a lower quality.

EVOO is full of polyphenols which are beneficial for your health. Since it's free of impurities, its taste comes through clean and clear, leaving you addicted to the subtle notes of all the fruits and vegetables that may also be included in your meal.

The majority of specialists recommend an intake of 50cc of raw olive oil, which is approximately three tablespoons. Here are 5 reasons you should consume more EVOO:

1. Savour the clean notes of the countryside with EVOO


There's no doubt that the most alluring benefit of EVOO is its unique taste profile which especially makes it a staple in the Mediterranean dishes. Since it is free of impurities, its taste comes through clean and clear, leaving you addicted to the subtle notes of all the fruits and vegetables that are included in a dish. A dash of pure olive oil over salads or sandwiches can be a game changer for your cooking!

2. It heightens the taste of your cooked meals

Have you tried making pizza red sauce with vegetable oil? If so, try it with olive oil next time and you'll be amazed at the uniquely different taste even though it's the same recipe! You don't have to consume olive oil to enjoy its exquisite taste benefits.

When you cook with olive oil, the food items used equally absorb the olive oil which confers its delicate flavors, making them far more tastier than usual.

3. It promotes your liver health


The liver is one of the major organs of the human body as it works to filter impurities from your circulatory system. Consume more olive oil to promote this important function and also keep the liver — and gallbladder — healthy!

4. It contains healthy fats that your heart needs

Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats, which is commonly termed "good fat," that can help maintain levels of good cholesterol. This way, you can consume it without fear of causing any impediment to your heart health. Raw olive oil especially stands out as it contains numerous antioxidants which eliminate free radicals, preventing diverse diseases.

5. It aids the digestive system


Consuming more olive oil can benefit the health of your gut as it eradicates possible discomfort during digestion and actively combats constipation. When consumed raw, olive oil is known to have a slightly laxative effect which promotes bowel movement.

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