• Wholewheat flour 500 grams
  • Extra-virgin olive oil 50 ml
  • Water 250 ml
  • Salt 10 grams • 1 kcal
Calories refers to 100 gr of product

The wholewheat piadina is a rustic and light variant of the classic Romagna piadina, a simple and healthy recipe without lard, replaced with extra-virgin olive oil, to prepare a digestible and tasty piadina suitable for adults and children. Once ready, you can then fill it with ham and cheese, grilled vegetables or whatever you like, for a quick but tasty lunch or dinner. Here's how to prepare in a short time a soft and light wholemeal bread, excellent to consume even in place of bread.


Put the flour in a bowl, add the oil, the water at room temperature and salt and mix with a spoon. Then pass the mixture on a lightly floured work surface and knead until you obtain a smooth mixture. Cover with a cotton cloth and let it rest for half an hour at room temperature.

After the necessary time divide the dough into 8 small cakes and roll them out with the help of a rolling pin until it reaches the thickness of 2 mm, giving the dough a round shape. Now bake a piadina at a time in a non-stick pan, previously heated, one minute per side.

Place them on a plate. Once ready, fill them with the ingredients you prefer, fold them in half or roll them up, and serve.


During cooking of the piadina, bubbles may form on the surface: they will make the wholemeal piadina light and even better.

Those who prefer can make the piadina with half flour 00 and half wholemeal flour: you can also choose that of spelled, chickpea or the wholemeal flour you prefer. You can also add a leavening agent to the recipe: 1/2 teaspoon of bicarbonate, as for the original recipe, and warm milk, in place of or in addition to water, to make the wholemeal piadina softer.

For an even faster preparation, you can prepare the whole flatbread with the Thermomix: pour all the ingredients in the jug and run for 2 minutes at a spike speed. Then place the mixture in a container covered with foil and let it rest for 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Then proceed as in the recipe.

How to preserve the wholewheat piadina

You can preserve the wholewheat piadina in the refrigerator for 4 days at most, covered with transparent film. Heat them in a pan before consuming them stuffed or as a substitute for bread.