Hunger can strike us anywhere and at any time. Most of the time, hunger is caused because of an actual deficit of energy, but sometimes looking at something really appetizing can also excite the taste buds. Some of us may give in and cater to these untimely food calls. Still, there are many things that we must be careful of doing immediately after eating any meal as it could negatively impact our health or could hinder the absorption of nutrients that we have consumed in the meal before. Read on to know about 5 activities that we must never indulge in after enjoying a full meal.

Snacking is a choice and not a compulsion for many as this mini-meal can help bridge the gap of lack of nutrition between the two major meals. It is essential to eat the main or full meals carefully as these are the primary source of nutrition to build and support our health. Here are 5 things that people should never indulge in to continue leveraging upon the nutrition consumed in the full meal.


Weekends are the time to laze around, eat well, and sleep well. However, if we club eating and sleeping together, a disastrous combination is made as going straight to the bed after a heavy meal delays food digestion, and it is not relaxing for our digestive organs.


Smoking even a single cigarette after a full meal increases the chances of fast-absorbing the nicotine and tar by our body, which makes it equivalent to smoking a dreadful count of 10 cigarettes in that particular instance.


Much like sleeping, bathing also delays the digestion of food even though it is not even close to being a lazy activity. This happens because the blood flow around the tummy area is diverted to other parts of the body during the time one takes a shower immediately after eating a full meal.


Fruits should ideally be eaten before consuming any meal as fruits are the easiest to be digested. Still, if eaten immediately after a full meal, fruits become challenging to digest, and it should be avoided.


Consuming tea after a full meal or a high protein diet makes it harder to digest the protein because tea leaves are acidic in nature. The acid present in the tea also interferes with the absorption of iron by the body, and thus it is essential to not consume it immediately after a full meal.