Add Cinnamon

Cinnamon makes a delicious addition to banana bread. It also brings out more sweetness in the bananas. You can use cinnamon in two ways, make a cinnamon swirl banana bread, or top a normal banana bread with a cinnamon crumble. To make a cinnamon swirl, a mixture of cinnamon sugar is stirred into the banana bread batter before baking, creating a unique pattern in the final bread. To make a cinnamon sugar crunch topping, a mixture of flour, cinnamon, butter, and sugar is baked on top of the banana bread, creating a delicious texture.

Add Carrots

Carrot cake is delicious, and so is banana bread. So why not make a combination of the two! The sweetness from bananas and warming spices of carrot cake, makes this a delicious combo! There are many recipes for carrot cake banana bread, but to make your own, you can simply add grated carrots and spices to a banana bread recipe, and top with a cream cheese frosting. The cream cheese frosting will definitely take your old banana bread recipe to the next level!

Gluten Free

If you can’t eat gluten, there’s no reason to stay away from banana bread! Just swop your normal flour for a gluten free flour, or swop it for a combination of oat flour and almond flour.


Everything tastes better with chocolate. If you’re not convinced yet, then you should try adding it to your banana bread to see for yourself! You can do this in several ways. You can make a full-on chocolate banana bread by using cacao powder in the batter, or you can simply sprinkle in chocolate chips. Another idea is to do a chocolate swirl, similar to what you would do with a cinnamon swirl banana bread.

Caramelize your bananas

If you think bananas are already sweet enough as they are, think again. By roasting bananas, you caramelize their natural sugars, making them extra sweet and even more flavorsome. Once you use this method for baking banana bread, you won’t be using unroasted bananas ever again! In fact, because the bananas become sweeter, you can use less sugar than what you would use in the normal recipe.

More banana ideas

If by now, you are tired of seeing trending banana bread recipes, why not make something else? Try banana muffins, banana blondies, banana bread oatmeal, or even banana donuts!

What’s your favorite banana bread recipe? Share with us in the comments below!