Here are 6 surprising beauty secrets of Chinese women.

Chinese women proudly flaunt their flawless skin and luscious locks, which can envy any woman around the world. Here are the traditional practices that are followed by people in China to maintain their beauty.

For skin rejuvenation. Chinese women use pearl powder as a face mask for glowing skin. It can be prepared by mixing the oyster shell powder with some honey and egg yolk. This mixture can be applied on the face to reduce inflammation and calm any sort of skin irritation.

For younger looking skin. Chinese people consume plenty of green tea to assist in weight loss, strengthen immunity, and provide longevity. The green tea is rich in antioxidants such as catechins and also offers anti-aging benefits.

To brighten the complexion. Chinese women use a paste of mint leaves on their face to brighten their complexion and get flawless skin with a youthful and luminescent glow.

For skin toning. Chinese women apply unpolished rice water on their skin as a skin toner and to enhance their complexion.

Reduce wrinkles. A face mask of egg whites is highly beneficial for Chinese women to achieve a soft, smooth, and supple skin with a natural glow. Egg whites also offer astringent property that can firm up the skin.

To reduce puffiness of the face. Facial massage is very popular in Chinese culture to promote cell regeneration, improve blood circulation, and reduce puffiness of the skin.