We all know that Meghan is pregnant and the young royal couple is expecting a prince or a princess sometime soon. However, there are certain foods that she has to give up during this time. Read on to know more about it.

The Duchess of Sussex is on the way to deliver a little one pretty soon and the whole of the UK is brimming with excitement. Well, while this is a happy time for everyone in the royal family, Meghan has to give up on some foods, even if they are her favorites until the little one arrives.

Here is the list of 6 foods that are forbidden for her during pregnancy.

The liquor of all kinds. Meghan is a wine lover but like all pregnant ladies, she has to stay clear off it. In fact, she is a huge wine fan and her once functional food and lifestyle blog (The Tig) was named after the red wine, Tignanello. Before pregnancy, her typical dinner would include some pasta with zucchini and lots of parmesan along with a glass of wine.

Raw meat and seafood salad. Raw animal food may carry listeria and this is the reason Meghan now has to eat only fully cooked meats. She is really fond of rib eye and sea foods, but now all of this is stalled for a while.

Sushi. As the raw shellfish contains virus and bacteria that may harm the health; Meghan has been advised to stop eating her favorite food. She loves sushi so much that she once credited a perfect sushi the key component of a healthy diet.

Soft cheese. Pregnant women are advised to give up unpasteurized cheese, and mould-ripened cheese like Camembert and Brie. While in Toronto, Meghan used to frequent a shop serving poutine (a Canadian preparation with fries, cheese curd, and gravy) and took a liking for it, but that has to be put on hold for some time.

Unpasteurized juice. She loves green juice, which works as an energy booster for her, much like the coffee. Now that she is expecting, she has to ensure that the juices and ciders she consumes are well pasteurized as unpasteurized ones may trigger any foodborne illness.

Raw eggs. Raw or even slightly under cooked eggs are off Megha’s meal plan until March end or early April, as this is the time by when she is expected to deliver the baby. Though she can still eat eggs, she has to be careful to not eat undercooked eggs and egg preparations as cooking control the effect of Salmonella on the human body.