Read on to know how red wine vinegar can benefit our health!

Red wine vinegar is prepared by fermenting the red wine and then straining it into the bottles. It is usually aged before bottling that helps to reduce the intensity of the vinegary flavor. Red wine vinegar is usually used in cooking and it can also benefit our health in many ways.

Reduce blood sugar level

The acetic acid present in red wine vinegar can help to lower the blood sugar levels as it slows down the digestion of carbs and increases the absorption of glucose. Red wine vinegar is also believed to lower the glycemic index of some foods.

Protects skin

It is rich in antioxidants that help to fight bacterial infection and skin damage. Anthocyanins present in red wine vinegar gives it a red hue. Resveratrol is another antioxidant present in red wine vinegar, which is extremely potent and fights skin cancer. The acetic acid present in red wine vinegar is also used medicinally to fight skin infections and treat wounds.

For weight loss


The acetic acid in red wine vinegar can result in weight loss as it has been studied to reduce appetite, increase the burning of the fat, and limits fat storage. It also delays the release of the hunger hormone ghrelin and prevents overeating.

Contains antioxidants

The powerful polyphenol resveratrol and anthocyanins present in red wine vinegar are beneficial to prevent cellular damage and prevent diabetes, cancer, and heart problems.

For heart health

It improves heart health as it contains acetic acid and resveratrol, which prevents blood clot, lowers cholesterol, maintains blood pressure, and reduces inflammation. The acetic acid present in red wine vinegar increases calcium absorption and alters hormone levels, which help to lower the blood pressure. Both acetic acid and resveratrol present in red wine vinegar also help to lower the triglyceride level in the blood.

It is versatile

Red wine vinegar can be used in salad dressings, reductions, marinades, and it pairs really well with all kind of meats and vegetables.