Read on to know why you must avoid buying packaged greens.

Bagged greens may certainly seem a convenient choice to many, but, it is not as sensible to use packaged salads and greens as it may seem to you.

Nutritional loss

Most of the packaged greens take longer to be delivered to your nearby store, which results in the loss of beneficial nutrients because of the time lapse. Old greens may neither taste nor look as good as the fresh ones.

Wastes water

Most of the food companies that sell packaged greens triple wash them, which may result in the loss of an enormous amount of water.

Uses plastics

There is a lot of plastic involved in packaging and moving of these prepackaged bags of greens, which is another big blow for our environment.


You might take home a lot more than just the organic salad greens that you have paid for, as there are chances for these bagged salads to be infested with centipedes, millipedes, and even frogs.

More chemicals are involved

Packaged greens might be treated a bit more with chemicals than the unpackaged ones as it is pretty common to find these sellable greens to be washed with chlorinated water before packaging.

May be dirty

No matter how clean it may seem, it is always advised to nicely wash the packaged greens before using them, as it may be a breeding ground for the bacteria and other microorganisms to grow on them. There have been reports of certain bacterial outbreaks because of the consumption of contaminated greens and salads.