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6 things to know about wines

Here are 6 basics pertaining to wine that we must know about.

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Read on to be aware of some very important things regarding wines!

Wine is one alcoholic drink that is deep-rooted in human civilization. Even many years before the alcohol business became mainstream, people used to buy and sell wines. With time, wine became popular across cultures and regions. Here are 6 basics pertaining to wine that we must know about.

Popular types of wine


There are 18 variety of grapes, which are used to prepare many types of wines such as Moscato and Riesling that are light sweet white wines and Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon that are deep dark red wines. Every individual has a different taste preference and one can pick the most preferred option only after tasting all 18 variety of grapes.

Popular wine regions

Italy, Spain, and France are the topmost wine producing countries where the best and most popular variety of wines are grown in the world.

The difference in tartness


Some wines are more tart and acidic in taste, while others have a higher alcohol content that leaves a warm feeling at the back of the throat. On the other hand, some wines leave a lingering bitter or dry taste because of the higher tannin content.

The sweetness of wines

According to certain factors such as the region where grapes were grown, variety of grapes, and oak aging, there is a difference in the sweetness of wines without the presence of any residual sugar in it.

How to order wine


Instead of the brand name, it is best to remember the region or the grape variety of the wine you prefer for ordering the wine of your choice.

When to drink

90% of the wines are to be consumed a year later than the year they are released as most of them improve with age. This case holds true particularly for the Pinot Noir versions where vintage wines develop a better taste as they age.

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