Read on to know how you can manage a great vegetable garden at your home!

Growing a generous supply of fresh and organic vegetables is great for both your pocket and family’s wellbeing. There is no better way to assure that you eat healthy than by growing grocery at your home. Here are certain tips that can help you to grow the food at your home.


Most vegetables grow best under full sunlight. So, place the pots under areas with at least 6 hours each day of direct sunlight.


Soil with plenty of compost and organic matter such as aged bark and composted leaves are best suitable for growing vegetables.

Water wisely

Most plants weekly require an inch of water. Use soaker hoses and drip lines to slowly water the plants that allow the roots to absorb moisture well.


Add some organic mulch around your plant to insulate the soil and help keep it cool during summers and warm during the winter season. It also suppresses the growth of weeds, retains moisture, and protects against the diseases.

Pest control

Practice patience with pest control and if required, use them responsibly.

Fertilize carefully

Using too much fertilizer and nitrogen can promote plenty of green growth but it reduces the harvest and makes the fruit smaller.