Read on to know about 6 tricks to quickly hydrate your body.

The summer season is already here and it is time to eat healthy, light, and hydrating meals to revitalize our body with good nutrients. Here are 6 quick tips that will help you to maintain the hydration level of the body throughout this harsh summer season.

Increase salads

Consume plenty of salads during summer as it contains fresh and raw fruits and vegetables that are filled with good nutrients and water. Salads prepared with fresh produce like arugula, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, or bell pepper help to hydrate and cool our body.

Replace evening tea

Switch the cup of hot evening caffeinated beverage with a glass of chilled lemon water during summers. You can add some sugar or salt to this refreshing beverage as per your taste preference and health requirements.

Use a water alarm

Many of us tend to forget to drink water. It is better for you to put up frequent alarms on your mobile phone to remind you to consume water throughout the day instead of just relying on your instincts.

Drink cold teas

Not only just iced tea, but non-caffeinated herbal teas are also a great alternative to cool your body. Add some fresh mint, honey, or berries to a cup of cold chamomile, or jasmine tea to hydrate yourself.

Replace energy drinks

Sip on some healthy coconut water to maintain the electrolyte balance of your body instead of depending upon energy drinks and carbonated beverages.

Infused water


Adding some slices of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs to the humble plain water is a great way to make water taste interesting and to improve its nutritive value.