Nutrition is a fundamental thing in our everyday life, but we do not always really know the foods we eat. Let’s discover the incredible 7 curiosities about the foods we use most.

Food is a fundamental element of our life but we do not always really know the origin of the products we eat every day. Here are the 7 most incredible things about food that nobody would have ever expected.

1. The turnip is born by chance – The turnips are the roots of Brassica campestris, typical vegetables of traditional “peasant foods”. The peculiarity lies in the fact that they were born by chance following an experiment made by some drunken farmers who decided to plant these roots as a joke. They did not expect that something edible would be born.


2. Strawberry seeds hide a real world – If you analyze the strawberries seeds under a microscope, you will remain speechless. Why, you ask? They are evolved and developed "little worlds" where the most varied microorganisms struggle to prevent external infiltrations.

3. A tomato is technically just an unripe banana – the tomatoes we use every day to make sauces and salads are nothing but unripe bananas. At first glance it will seem absurd, given that their flavors are completely opposite, but you have just to do some researches to understand that this is technically the truth.

4. Who used the barbecue sauce for the first time? – The barbecue sauce is one of the tastiest sauce for seasoning sandwiches and hamburgers, but few people know who has used it for the first time. It was the detective Marty Hart of the tv show "True Detective", and in fact it was just him who made it so famous.

5. When to eat oysters? – According to various legends, oysters must be eaten only during the months containing the letter "R", that are the winter months. They are to be avoided in the summer season, especially when going to the beach. Although there are no scientific proofs, many believe this myth.


6. The juice of an oyster can be drunk – The juice inside the oyster is called "liqueur" and should not be thrown away. You can mix it with some gin and garnish with a pearl to create the cocktail called "mermaid's lips".

7. Lobster was born as a food for poor people – Lobster is considered a luxury food, given its price that is not really cheap, but in the past it has not always been this way. The lobster was considered a food for poor people because it was eaten by the homeless who fished it personally to feed themselves.