7 Easy Ways To Keep Your Chestnut Fresh For Longer At Home

It's autumn, and that also means chestnuts will be plentiful! They are popularly known for their earthy sweetness, and it is a common verdict they are best eaten fresh. That brings us to the subject of the most unique — and effective — ways to keep chestnuts fresh and long-lasting.

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Fresh chestnuts are a rich source of vitamin C and have a much lower fat content than other nuts. So whether you love incorporating them into your favourite desserts or prefer them boiled, you always want to have them fresh, all year round.

Here are seven simple ways to keep your chestnuts fresh and sweet, even long after autumn is gone:

1. How to store roasted chestnuts


If you have leftover roasted chestnuts, let them fully cool and keep them in their shells in the fridge for a few days or for much longer if in the freezer. Vacuum packing will keep them fresh for even longer!

2. How to store dried chestnuts

Dried chestnuts are easy to store for long periods; they can last up to two months and only require soaking in water overnight before eating them or applying them in your favourite recipes.

3. How to make a chestnut puree


An amazing way to preserve the earthy flavours of chestnuts is by blending them into a smooth puree. Then, transfer the blend into a jar, and you're one step closer to making the tastiest chestnut desserts!

4. How to store chestnuts in the fridge

Keep your fresh chestnuts, with their outer shells still intact, in a refrigerator set at a temperature of 2° C or 3° C. They'll easily keep for one month.

5. How to store chestnuts in the freezer


Start by cleaning, washing and thoroughly drying the fresh chestnuts, then transfer them to freezer bags. Make sure they are tightly sealed and then place them in your freezer; they'll stay fresh for up to six months.

6. How to store boiled chestnuts

Snacking made easier! If you love your chestnuts boiled, then you can store them as-is for easier snacking. Boil the shelled chestnuts for about forty minutes, allow them to cool, transfer them to food grade bags and place them in your freezer.

7. Cover the chestnuts in sand


It may sound archaic, but this method works well! All you have to do is alternately layer the chestnuts with fine dry sand inside a wooden container and then leave them in a cool, dry place. This method will keep the chestnuts fresh for a few months.


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