Lemon juice has been used to treat many problems since long, in various cultures. Here are 7 ways in which use of lemon water affects the skin.

Lemon juice is one of the few miraculous ingredients that have the potential to benefit our health both inside and outside. However, use of lemon water is not entirely a good news as its regular use may also lead to certain troubles. Read on to know more about it.

Treats inflammation. Consuming lemon water first thing in the morning helps to balance the acidity of the body and further leads to a reduction in inflammation of skin and body.

May harm if used topically. You must never expose yourself to the sunlight after topically applying lemon water on your skin, as it will result in a rash called as phytophotodermatitis. It is very important that you first dilute lemon water before applying it over skin or face, else direct application of lemon juice will lead to chemical burns, erosions, inflammation, and secondary hyperpigmentation. You should not use lemon water as a toner or an astringent as it can potentially damage the epidermal layer and will lead to scarring.

Makes skin radiant. Drinking lemon water throughout the day in small quantities can make your skin appear more radiant.


Reduces signs of aging. Lemon water is a good source of vitamin C, which stimulates the production of collagen and also reduces the appearance of signs of aging. Lemon water is also instrumental in improving firmness and texture of the skin along with preventing the formation of fine lines.

May result in clear skin. Fresh lemon juice contains citric acid, which helps in reducing acne spots, photoaging, wrinkles, tanning of the skin, and brown spots. Lemon is also known to enhance skin purification and drinking it leads to detoxification of the skin, which will force out the skin impurities and sweat. This helps to unclog the skin pores and reduce the incidence of acne.

Nourishes the body. Vitamin C is a very exclusive nutrient with plenty of health benefits. Since lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, regular consumption of fresh lemon water helps to meet the nutritional requirements of this water soluble nutrient. It is vitamin C which is one of the main ingredients required to form collagen, giving the skin elasticity and helps in regeneration of the skin cells.


Helps in skin repair. Presence of antioxidants in lemon water helps to improve the skin repairing ability of the body.