7 health benefits of eating turkey

Read on to know about how regular consumption of turkey can do all this and much more to help us lead a healthy and long life.

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Turkey is synonymous with thanksgiving! This bird holds a great significance during the thanksgiving festival as it helps to bring the entire family together, at least once a year. But, this is not all that is of significance about turkey. Turkey meat is also highly beneficial for our health as it helps to improve our immunity, strengthen the bones, support weight loss, improve cardiovascular health, and maintain blood cholesterol levels. Read on to know about how regular consumption of turkey can do all this and much more to help us lead a healthy and long life.

Turkey is eaten not only during the festive season, but it is also an essential source of lean protein for people aiming to lose weight and build muscles. Each serving of turkey breast provides 1g each of cholesterol and carbohydrates, 24g each of protein and selenium, 196mg phosphorus, 6g thiamine, and 7g vitamin B6. Here are 7 health benefits of consuming turkey regularly.

Improves immunity

Turkey breast and thigh are loaded with protein, selenium, and potassium. Consuming these cuts regularly can improve the nutritional status of our body and strengthen immunity.


Boosts metabolism

Niacin, thiamine, potassium, and zinc present in turkey play a vital role in improving our metabolic rate, and people with high metabolism tend to lose weight quickly. Thus, turkey is of great significance for people aiming to lose weight. Apart from this, turkey is also extremely low in fat content and calories.

It helps to maintain psychological health

Tryptophan is present in abundance in turkey, which is very useful in managing our mental health and helps to prevent anxiety, depression, and stress.


Supports cardiovascular health

As turkey practically contains zero fat and very few calories, consuming turkey regularly can be a great meat/protein alternative for people aiming to lose weight. This is also the reason why turkey can help to maintain blood cholesterol levels.

For hair and skin health

Turkey is rich in protein and other micronutrients that are vital to support hair and skin health. Regularly consuming turkey in various food preparations can also treat various hair, nail, and skin related problems.


For bone health

This meat is very high in phosphorus content, which, along with a good amount of calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K present in it, can help to support the health of bones and teeth.

Treat iron deficiency

Consuming mineral and vitamin-rich protein source has been found effective in treating anemia. Turkey is one such protein-rich food that can actively improve iron content in the blood cells and treat or prevent anemia.

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