Here are the 7 reasons for you to immediately add goji berries to your diet.

Goji berry is a superfood that offers various health benefits. It is used in some traditional Chinese medicines and has gained popularity all over the world in the past 20 years because of its abundant health benefits. Read on to know about 7 reasons why you should include goji berries in your diet.

Longevity. Goji berry is associated with a youthful appearance as it is extremely high in antioxidants. It also contains a valuable amount of amino acids and other minerals that can help to repair and regenerate cells which may help you to appear younger. Regular consumption of goji berry can help to reduce inflammation, gives a firm texture to the skin, decreases wrinkles, and reduces the appearance of scar and sunburns.

For brain. Goji berry has been studied to reduce the progression of degenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, improves memory, helps in mental clarity, and assists in neurological functions. All of this may be because of the presence of high B vitamin and calcium content in this fruit.

For muscles. Goji berry has been used for decades to help in muscle recovery and enhance physical strength as it elevates the flow of oxygen and blood within the body. This berry has also been found to prevent excessive production and buildup of lactic acid in the body.

For heart. Presence of abundant vitamins and minerals in goji berries is beneficial to strengthen the heart and controls the degeneration of lipids within the cell membrane, which is highly detrimental for heart health.

Increases energy level. The high vitamin and mineral content of goji berry boosts metabolism, increases energy level, and reduces chronic fatigue.

For liver. Goji berry contains betaines that reduce the fatty deposition on the liver. High-fat content on the liver is associated with the various health complications and the presence of betaines helps to detoxify the liver by breaking and removing these fat molecules. Betaines are also beneficial against hepatotoxins like carbon tetrafluoride and ethanol that may severely damage the liver.

Against cancer. Goji berry is highly beneficial to assist in the recovery of cancer patients. There are a few studies which support the role of goji berry in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.