We always try to maintain a lopsided balance between the intake of healthy and unhealthy food. Surprisingly, not all healthy foods should be eaten to heart’s content. There are certain healthy foods that can harm you if eaten in large portions. Here is a list of 7 foods that are considered healthy and must be eaten in small amounts.

In today’s world, eating healthy has become a way of living. Even though we all indulge in our favorites, each one of us subconsciously tries to keep a check on the type of food we eat. Eating in a controlled portion applies to both unhealthy and healthy foods. Read on to know about the 7 healthy foods that you must eat in limited portions.

Canned tuna. Tuna is usually high in mercury and eating a large quantity of canned tuna may increase the mercury levels of the blood that can lead to vision and speech problems, muscular weakness, and lack of coordination. You must try to restrict the canned tuna intake to not more than 3 tuna cans in a week.


Highly acidic or citrus fruits and vegetables. Even though food products like tomatoes and oranges are high in vitamins and minerals, they are also highly acidic in nature. Excessive consumption of acidic foods can lead to acidic reflux. Eat only up to 2 servings of these type of acidic fruits and vegetables each day to stay healthy.

Lean proteins. Consuming too much of animal protein, even if it is lean, may harm your health as it triggers an increased production of insulin like growth factor (IGF) that promotes aging and increases the risk of developing cancer. So, choose more of vegetable based proteins than depending only on the animal sources to meet the daily protein requirements.


Spinach. Consuming too much of raw spinach like in smoothies and salads may increase the risk of developing kidney stones. Choose to eat either boiled or cooked spinach more often and people with kidney stones must avoid it completely.

Soy. Eating soy is associated with better cholesterol and blood pressure status, but if consumed in high quantity, soy can lead to endometrial hyperplasia and deterred absorption of one of the vital nutrient, iron.

Garlic. Though there are many benefits of eating garlic, if consumed in large quantity garlic may lead to thinning of blood, severe GI bleed, fatigue, and headache.

Water. Consuming too much water may impact your health negatively as it will dilute the stomach juices and impair digestion process. Excessive water intake is also associated with leaching of water soluble vitamins from the body.