Here is a list of 7 easy to follow tips that can help you cleanse after a cruise vacation.

Vacation time is a fun time for everyone. No matter how much you try, not each one of us can stick to our healthy eating goals while on a vacation. Read on to know how to cleanse your body after an indulgent cruise vacation.

Drink plenty of water

Food served on the cruise are usually high in sodium. This, along with increased consumption of alcohol may result in a gain of extra pounds most of which is likely to be water weight. So, the best way to lose that water weight is to drink plenty of water, which helps to flush out the extra water in our body.

Eat smaller meals

You might be inclined towards following a very strict and healthy diet plan to aggressively lose the vacation weight. Instead, you must slowly and gradually aim to get back on the track by starting off with at least 2 balanced meals on the first day and then gradually pacing towards a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid carbs and sugars

When back on the land after a cruise vacation try to take a break from processed, refined, and sugary carbs and instead pick fibrous foods.

Pick a smoothie

Include lean protein in your diet from fresh fruits and vegetables by replacing at least a meal each day with a healthy smoothie.



Start with a brisk walk after each meal to lower blood sugar level and boost the metabolism. Slowly and gradually you can pick up the high intensity training to get back in shape.

Sleep well

You might experience jet lag or sleep deprivation after indulging in parties during holidays, which leads to inadequate sleep and an increased level of ghrelin or hunger hormones. Sleep deprivation also impairs your ability to pick healthy food options. So, relax and try to discipline yourself by regularly sleeping early.

Let go of the guilt

Do not be guilty about indulging during vacation as the guilt will lead to stress and interfere with the ability of your body to lose weight. So relax and let the happy memories stay with you.