Read on to know about 8 foods that you must eat to attain healthy teeth!

Besides regularly brushing and flossing the teeth, you must also be cautious about the food you eat that can badly impact your dental health or help to maintain those pearly whites. Here are 8 foods that you can eat to improve the health of your teeth.


 Polyphenols found in green or black tea can slow down the growth of cavity and gum problems causing bacteria.


swiss cheese

Cheddar cheese reduces the acidic level in the mouth as it helps to neutralize the plaque acid.



Raisins are naturally sweet and do not contain sucrose, which prevents sticking of the bacteria to the tooth surface and increase of the production of plaque. Raisins also contain phytochemicals that lower the growth of plaque-causing bacteria.

Crunchy food

Foods such as apple, carrots, and cucumber disturb the amount of dental plaque, which acts as a teeth cleaning mechanism.

Vitamin-rich foods

Meats, eggs, fish, almonds, and green leafy vegetables can help to strengthen the teeth enamel and make them healthy. These foods are rich in calcium and phosphate that helps to redeposit the minerals lost from the enamel of the teeth.

Sugarless gum

Chewing sugarless gums boost secretion of saliva, which clears away the bacteria present in the mouth.


Milk helps to neutralize the acid in the mouth that has been produced by plaque-causing bacteria. However, it is best to not add any sugar or sweet cereal to milk as it deters the teeth protecting the ability of this food product.


It contains polyphenols that prevent the plaque from sticking to the teeth and thus lowering the risk of developing cavities.