Are there foods that strengthen your teeth to make them healthy and beautiful? Yes, there are many foods and drinks that in a healthy diet help keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

Strengthening your teeth naturally is a key step to having a healthy mouth. Associated with good daily practices such as cleaning the oral cavity, professional controls ensure good dental health!

Here are the foods that give your smile the right amount of vitamins to have healthy and beautiful teeth!

Green tea: green tea, for example, rich in fluorine and polyphenols that fight bacteria in the oral cavity that cause caries and gum disease.


Cocoa: products containing cocoa that actively protects the teeth thanks to a substance called theobromine that strengthens the enamel.

Licorice: pure licorice is recommended as it helps to fight bacteria derived from streptococcus.

Cheeses and Yogurt: cheeses and low-fat yogurt are excellent foods rich in calcium and phosphorus that can make teeth strong, protect tooth enamel and contribute to their remineralisation.

Milk and eggs: dairy products like milk and egg yolks are excellent sources of calcium and vitamin D. Think of calcium and vitamin D as well as Batman and Robin of the health of your bones… together they are fundamental to strengthen bones and teeth.

Meat, fish and tofu. The meat, the "fat" fishes and tofu are loaded with phosphorus, a very important mineral salt that protects the enamel of the teeth. Phosphorus is the second mineral salt in order of quantity present in the organism and it is found in all cells. It often acts concomitantly with calcium, in the form of calcium phosphate, in the bones and teeth with a ratio of 2 parts of calcium to 1 part of phosphorus, although the phosphorus is present to a greater extent in the soft tissues. This balance between calcium and phosphorus is necessary for these mineral salts to be effectively used by the body.

Broccoli, Bok Choi and other dark green leafy vegetables. You don’t like meat? No problem… in fact broccoli, cabbage, bok choi and other dark green leafy vegetables are just as good sources of vitamins and mineral salts.

roasted garlic lemon broccoli

Celery and carrots. Like the rest of our body, our teeth and mouth need to keep fit. Solid foods that are very crispy and containing water require a great chewing. All this is excellent for dental health because the chewing stimulates the flow of saliva that helps clean the surface of the teeth, while the celery is a natural dental floss, in fact as well as being a good choice for the diet, it is a vegetable rich in water and filaments that help to clean the spaces between tooth and tooth.

Artificial sweeteners. That artificial sweeteners are safe is still under discussion, but some dentists are favorable to "artificial sweeteners". In fact some of them are like xylitol. Xylitol is a polyol with 5 carbon atoms, with a sweetness similar to that of sucrose (the polyols, or polyalcohols, are carbohydrates with a molecule similar to monosaccharides, but with a hydroxyl function instead of that aldehyde or ketone). Then, it is better to chew a chewing gum with xylitol than sugary candies.


Apples. Eating apples brings benefits because this type of fruit can "rub" away the plaque from the teeth and it refreshes the breath.