Read on to know how drinking lime juice during pregnancy benefits health!

Pregnancy is a happy journey both for the lady and her family! So, eating right and being in the best of health is definitely what every would-be-mother should aim for every single day until the day she delivers a baby. To achieve this, the woman must eat a balanced diet along with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

During the summer season, consuming plenty of juices to meet the fruit and vegetable intake is quite beneficial as well. Here is why lime juice is a great option to meet the nutritional requirements of the expecting mother.

Rich in vitamin C

Citrus fruits like lime are rich in vitamin C and consuming lime juice during pregnancy lowers the dependency on supplements to meet requirements of this vital vitamin.

Improves digestion

Lime juice stimulates the liver and improves digestion, prevents constipation, and controls diarrhea. This is helpful during pregnancy as many expecting mothers complain of indigestion and constipation during this phase of their lives.


This fruit juice is rich in antioxidants, which helps to improve immunity and protect the pregnant woman against several infections, including cold.

Beneficial for the fetus

Lime juice is rich in potassium that benefits the development of nerve cells, brain, and bones in the unborn child.

Maintains blood pressure

Consuming lime juice during pregnancy helps to maintain blood pressure during pregnancy and protects her from pre-eclampsia, which leads to premature delivery of the baby.

Treats swollen feet

 Including lime juice in the diet of a pregnant woman will help to reduce edema, which is a painful and uncomfortable problem.

Helps in the labor

It is believed that consuming a mixture of lime juice with honey from the fifth month into the pregnancy until delivery will make the child delivering process easier for the pregnant woman.

Other benefits

Lime juice facilitates the absorption of iron and prevents iron deficiency anemia in a pregnant woman.