8 mistakes to avoid while baking

Here are some things that we tend to overlook while baking.

By Cookist

We all love to bake, but even after numerous baking attempts, some food preparations fail to appear and taste as they are supposed to do. Maybe, you need to check on some of your baking practices to get the perfect outcome each time you bake. Read on to know about some common faults one tends to make while baking.

There are always some silly mistakes that we tend to ignore, which alters the way any baked preparation appears vis-à-vis it is supposed to look as. Here are some things that we tend to overlook while baking.


It is advised to measure the ingredients correctly, preferably on a digital scale, to get the best baking results.

Substituting the ingredients


Don’t be tempted to replace the elements of the recipe according to your desire. Even though butter and oil are both fats, they work differently in any recipe. Even the kind of sugar used varies for each recipe.

Raising agents

Make sure that the raising agents are not outdated, as it will result in a pretty much flat cake.

Following the recipe


You have to follow the recipe to the T. Baking involves much science, and there is no way other than the instructions given to get the desired end product.

Know the terminologies

You should be aware of the basic baking techniques and terminologies, particularly the difference between creaming, folding, and beating.



All the ingredients used to prepare any recipe should be at room temperatures unless advised otherwise.


This integral baking gadget should be handled carefully. Make sure that the temperature is correct for the type of oven used. Do not open the oven door while the baking/cooking is still happening, to check up on the cake, too often.


Make sure you are referring to a reliable recipe. Baking is a fun activity, and it is best to not fall prey to any of the numerous dodgy blogger’s misadventure.

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